MP3 Player Accessories That Go With Your Style

MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) is a digital encoding compression format that transfers audio, as in songs or spoken words instead of images to a player or electronic device. The electronic device in this instance is called an MP3 player. MP3 players come in different shapes and sizes. They also come with different kinds of accessories for various functions that fit your needs, style and budget.

Now that you have gotten the MP3 player you have wanted to own to go with your style, you may want to accessorize. Most accessories of MP3s depend on what you need it for. At present, the most popular innovative accessory is a wireless headset used for MP3 players known widely as the Bluetooth.

If you are in the market for MP3 accessories, there are several of them you might want to investigate. As with all other accessories, some are specific to the brands they were made for. Manufacturers most often come up with their own accessories that only work for the MP3 player they manufactured.

So when you scout around for the latest accessories make sure that they are adapted to your player. Price ranges for accessories to carry your MP3 player around, from as low as $1.99 for protective skins to as high as $99 for designer cases. But if you are looking into purchasing much more than just protective skins covers, cases and armbands, prices for speakers, headsets, chargers, digital play dock, or audio delivery system, will be much more, again depending on the features.

Most popular MP3 accessories

There are several choices for wireless headsets, but the most popular and predominant buy is the Bluetooth, a code name developed by big name electronics manufacturers. Bluetooth is a cable-free or wireless connectivity between mobiles, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and PCs. This smallest wireless headset is essentially a cable replacement technology.

Another one you should look into is a docking station. Docking stations can convert portable players into a stereo system by controlling the volume via the base. In fact, MP3 players and docking stations are taking the place of many stereo components in many homes today.

For people who are in their cars, an FM transmitter can use the FM radio frequency to send MP3 music to the car stereo. You can also get an Instant Audio Music Capture device that can turn old analog records and cassettes into e-music files that you can burn in your player!

For music lovers who use their PCs at home, the Radio Shark device can be used just like a digital video recorder where you can record and pause TV shows. Radio Shark device lets the user record directly from their AM or FM radio station with a capability of scheduling the recording.

Lightweight video goggles is a hands-free big-screen viewing experience by connecting to the iPod to project sound and floating video images.

MP3 accessories let consumers hook up their players to speakers or even connect tunes to car stereos. Apart from the electronic box stores selling the MP3 players, there is an entire industry that solely sells MP3 player accessories. Consumers looking into personalizing their MP3 players have a lot of options to fit their lifestyle as well as their budgets.

Whether your intention is to use your MP3 player as a stereo system or just bringing them with you on the go, there is an accessory just right for you. It is good to compare prices and features too from several manufacturers before deciding which accessory fits your lifestyle.

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