Portable Media Centre - Entertainment On-the-Go

The drill in this fast-paced lifestyle that emerged with the evolution of gadgets, electronics, and new-fangled devices and systems is portability. Portable audio/video, together called Portable Media Centers is the bane of our existence. Check out the possibilities of locking in the entire music/video magic in one tiny tool.

Today, it’s not at all surprising for someone to have a laptop, a cell phone (or two?), a GPS receiver, and MP3 player on his or her person. Everyone wants to ‘move’ and yet be able to bring with them their work, their maps, their music, their PC and their home phones. No wonder no one stays put anymore. Almost everything can be done on the go. So what is next?

For our increasingly mobile lifestyle, a consumer gets left behind if he does not commit to any of the portable devices that are now part and parcel of most people’s daily routines. Owning a portable media centre defines the ever growing need to go portable.

What constitutes a portable media centre?

Similar to the laptop, cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players, this gadget puts together audio and video in a device where you can store all your entertainment files on a single, lightweight device. You can watch a movie that is tailor-fitted to the format of this device. You can play games, download music and photographs.

The capacity of a portable media player runs from 20GB to 10 GB that is why it does not only hold music and photos but can hold home movies or 160 hours of videos. To be able to add music or video to your portable media centre, you will need Windows Media 10.

Windows Media 10 automatically converts the files you are transferring to your portable media player. A user can get other alternatives to using a Windows Media 10. There are non-Windows-based portable media players too. With these portable pocket players, there is a tremendous difference in capacity. Another advantage is that it can record movies directly from TV, VCR, and Satellite.

Another addition to these portable media players is the PSP (PlayStation Portable).

This lightweight gaming device has wide screen display, and can be used for games, video, movies, and MP3 audio.

We are not really sure if portable media centers will take the public by storm. If they do, it will be because of their large screen, greater storage capacity, a familiar Windows-based interface and more diverse media content. Expect more advanced technology if the portable media centre makes it to the buyers’ priority list.

Whatever you choose to do in going portable, spend a little time finding out if portable media centers work for you. If it fits your lifestyle and budget, then go for it. If you believe that now is not the time, because you are just fitting into the jungle of confusing electronics world and trying your hardest to understand the multitude of electronic devices in the market, you should perhaps get more information first.

Figure out if you have to be always on the go, if portable media centre works to assist you in you daily routine and makes your job a lot easier anywhere you are, You do not have to be leashed to your computer every time.

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