Power Up Your Devices with Batteries and Chargers

Batteries and chargers are important parts of any consumer electronic. They are actually the life of an electronic device. All electronic devices are powered by batteries that are in turn, supplied the electric current by chargers to work.

Batteries are the power supplies of most common electronic devices such as laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, PDAs, cell phones, two-way radios, cordless phones, and more. A charger is specific to the battery it charges and the kind of device a battery supplies power to. There are various manufacturers of batteries and chargers. Depending on the brand of your electronic device these manufacturers carry mostly the brand of the electronic devices that these batteries and chargers are used for.

What are batteries and chargers

Batteries are electric storage devices where there is a potential for current flow. Batteries have electrodes as components that are made up of positive and negatives ions. A charger on the other hand is a device that puts the energy into a battery by forcing electric current into it.

Chargers are the ones that give the energy or power by running electric current onto the battery. Power is expressed in Watts and the amount of energy is measured in Amperes. In some electronic devices, there can be two types of batteries that can be used.

Different types of batteries

Batteries vary in sizes and shapes. Batteries come in different types too such as:

- Primary cells where the electrochemical reaction is not reversible and used mostly in disposable batteries such as alkaline batteries.

- Rechargeable or secondary batteries where the electrochemical reaction in the battery is reversible. The most common types are NiMH (Nickel metal hydride) and Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries.

- Batteries by usage and shapes

Different types of chargers

- Switch mode regulator

- Series regulator or linear regulator

- Shunt regulator

- Buck Regulator

- Pulsed Charging

- Inductive charging

Since there are specific chargers for just about anything, choosing the right charger depends on what the electronic device is. Car chargers are different form cell phone chargers, MP3 battery chargers, digital camera chargers, and so on. With the many different kinds of chargers sold in the market, consumers should be aware of what his needs are to ensure he purchases the right kind.

Most consumers are not really savvy when it comes to the technicalities of electronic devices, or any motor, such as a car, for instance, to really know what batteries and chargers to use. It would be a great idea if you leave the choosing to your mechanic or to the technical person in an electronics store. Another good idea is for the consumer to read any information pertaining to the device he wants to operate.

Learning the technicalities in order to choose the best components for your device helps a lot. There are a number of easy-to-understand information online, about batteries and chargers that you can read to understand what your mechanic or technical person is explaining to you.

Before you even hop to the stores to get your battery or charger for whatever purpose, you might want to check out first from the model of your car, electronic device or machine what kind of batteries and charger it actually needs.

Technical gadgets normally have manuals that tell you specific batteries and chargers they would need to function. Do not be afraid to ask and scout around for the best one before actually purchasing. Find out the appropriate usage too depending on your device. Most importantly check the lifespan and the price.

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