Satellite Radio is THE Craze Today

The new rave in music is satellite radio. If you are a traveler who gets disgruntled over radio stations that suddenly disappear from your listening range as soon as you get far from the station, you might want to consider subscribing to satellite radio.

You are good to go and you insist on bringing your CDs and your iPods because you are quite sure that by the time you fall out of range from radio stations, you won’t hear a thing anymore. Then too, you have to keep on switching stations because of all the commercials the broadcasters play every 15 minutes of music.

Although you have a thousand songs in your MP3 player and a lot of CDs to play, you will eventually get bored listening to the same songs over and over again. You will also want to listen to continuous music, uninterrupted sports commentating, or weather forecasting, as well as traffic reports.

There is a solution to all complains and miseries about your radio while traveling. There is a new electronic device in the market called satellite radio. This is a digital device that can broadcast its signal from more than 35,000 km away and come into your vehicle with complete clarity.

How satellite radio works

Broadcasting signals from a satellite radio comes from satellites orbiting the earth. The music comes uninterrupted and clear. Satellite radio has a fairly huge following. A lot of people are switching their car radios into this digital device.

The basic idea of satellite radio came from the impact Cable TV had on television 30 years back. Listeners are not able to pick local stations but they will be able to get hundreds of stations offering different types of music. Just like the cable TV concept.

Satellite radio began when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assigned a spectrum in the “S” band for country-wide broadcasting of satellite-based digital audio radio services. Out of the four companies that applied for a license to broadcast out of that band, two companies, strategize to broadcast music similar to the Cable TV concept.

One of the companies has two satellites placed in parallel geostationary orbit about 22,223 km above the earth. This orbit is the type most commonly used for communications satellites. The company’s ground station transmits the signals to the Geo station which sends it back to the receivers. The receivers unscramble the data and encode the sound and information so that the song, title and genre are all displayed on the radio.

Some car manufacturers have already installed satellite radios in their cars since 2001. Other car manufacturers are also contemplating on the move.

Price range for the subscribing to satellite radio service is right now pegged at $US12.95 per month, where the subscriber gets 100 channels of music, talk, and news. There is hardly any commercial and with none of the channels having seven minutes of ads per hour.

Meanwhile the buzz is that the two companies who the leading satellite radio providers are thinking of merging to conquer the market, while a third one, is planning to extend to the North American market, as it holds the African and Asian markets already.

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