The Battle Between Satellite TV and Cable TV

The battle between cable TV and satellite TV is on. Millions of viewers have switched to satellite TV from the moment satellite TV providers were able to provide tiny satellite dishes instead of the huge dishes before.

If you are a big fan of satellite TV, chances are you have been convinced by the idea that more is better. With this line of thought, and the fact that satellite TV systems give a better viewing picture and sound quality, you will choose it over cable TV anytime.

The differences between cable TV and Satellite TV

Satellite TV advantages:

  • gets its programming from turn-around channels like HBO, CNN, or ESPN and various local channels like ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS.
  • Provides access to more digital and high definition programming
  • Offers more high-quality audio and picture
  • Service is readily available in rural and urban areas

Cable TV advantages:

  • Advances in the technology of digital viewing allows better picture and sound quality with a lower cost than satellite TV
  • Cable TV can be accessed in several rooms
  • Typically have the same turn-around channels but local channels typically broadcast their channels over the airwaves

Satellite TV disadvantages:

  • Equipment needed to set up the system is very expensive
  • Equipment is not for rent
  • Accessing the system in multiple rooms requires additional cost
  • Subject weather-related malfunctions

Cable TV disadvantages:

  • limited access to rural areas
  • if provider decides to update its equipment, subscribers should be prepared to more
  • service cost is subject to local tax

If you are planning to switch from cable TV or want to go back to cable from Satellite TV, the choice depends on your needs and lifestyle. Your budget and location also play an important role. Given the advantages and disadvantages, these systems are both great considering both have essentially the channels you need.

If you are in the market for anyone of these two, then it would be a great idea to weigh the pros and cons first before deciding to buy. Again, the choice will depend on the subscriber’s ability to pay and his needs. His interest in the programming also will help him determine which are best for his lifestyle. If he needs more programming, then Satellite TV is better, but if he can get all channels he needs to watch without paying more, then cable TV is the better choice.

Lastly, there is a battle for legality on satellite broadcasting on your PC. Because satellite TV programs are broadcast through signals from orbiting satellites, the PC can capture illegally programs from a satellite dish especially if the dish is near your vicinity.

To avoid having the pressures of these situations, there are ways by which you can position the satellite dish if you are the one concerned with interfering with the cable TV of a neighbor. Also, a close-by dish can also interfere with the reception of a cable TV. Whichever position you land yourself into, remember to discuss it with your neighbor.

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