The High Tech World of Consumer Electronics

The world we live in is practically run by electronics. Is it any wonder then why we should as consumers get into the thick of things and enjoy learning gadgets and every conceivable technology rapidly being invented? Consumer electronics run our lives. Face it. From cell phones to HDTV to wireless internet, we will be lost without them.

Consumer electronics are utilized in almost every aspect of our lives. If we begin to look at each stage of a person’s life, there is a probable usage of consumer electronics at each point.

Defining consumer electronics

Consumer electronics are equipment and gadgets we use in everyday life. They are the cell phones, DVD players, personal computers, MP3 players, iPods, webcams and other devices that consumers use at home, at work and almost everywhere else. These gadgets and equipment have become important and considered a can’t-do-without necessity. Consumer electronics are more of a want than a need.

The wonders of consumer electronics

We go to work using the GPS to help us navigate our way finding a place for an important meeting. We call using our cell phones to find out why people we are supposed to meet with are late. When we get down to discussions in our meetings, we use an overhead projection to stress the importance of our discussions. A laptop does its work by producing PowerPoint presentations. And so the list goes on.

This procedure in our daily grind continues as we get back to our offices. We use our personal computers to send electronic mails and schedule our next appointments. Our reports are photocopied with a copier and we fax hard copies of documents to our clients, use electronic stamps in our mails and compute company expenses with our calculators.

We are continuously followed by these mundane tasks till we reach our comfort zone. The day does not end without consumers utilizing more electronics. On the way home a consumer can listen to music either or his MP3 player, his iPod Shuffle, or simply feed his car’s disc player with one of his favourite CDs. He comes home to his HDTV, interlocking with his DVD player. And if the PC does not faze him off after a long tiring day from office work, a consumer will still read his e-mails and go online to chat with friends using his webcam.

The importance of using consumer electronics

Life’s daily grind is made up of a myriad of things, such as these electronics, that are either useful or dangerous to our environment. According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) estimated sales of consumer electronic items hit the 150 billion mark. Imagine how much are disposed of every single year when an electronic item gets updated and cannot be used anymore and thrown in garbage dumpsites.

Inasmuch as electronics are a huge part of our world, consumers should be very diligent and responsible in order to protect the environment. Our choices of electronics as a vigilant consumer should revolve around our satisfaction of being able to enjoy their usefulness or functionality as opposed to just their style and price.

Consumer electronics command our lifestyle. It defines our status and personalities. That being said, consumers need to define their choices and the extent of their technological knowledge. Every kind of technology being introduced always comes from an evolution of another technology. As our civilization becomes more sophisticated, technology upgrades itself to a more alarmingly complex status. At the fast rate these technologies change, we have to double up our awareness and understanding to keep up with the phase of high tech evolution.

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